Kitesurfing Kurser og priser

Courses are run to match your level, e.g. beginner, amateur or advanced

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  • 3 hour course 
    • 700 kr - per person using all your own equipment (max 2 students together)
    • 1200 kr - per person all equipment provided (max 2 students together)
    • 2000 kr - Private course 1 person
  • If you are a larger group of from 3 to 4 people
    • Please contact me for more details.
  • Foil boarding course
    • 800 kr
    • Course duration is 3 hours
    • Beginner Foil board provided. You can use your own foil board if you already have one.
    • You must have all your own gear: kites and water gear, you must have a flotation vest and helmet.
      • If you do not have a flotation vest and a helmet this can be rented from the skole.
    • Minimum kitesurfing skills needed to do the course: 
      • Riding up wind pm TT or if you can do it on a direction board  that will be an advantage 
      • Can relaunch kite in deep water, very important.
      • Must be able to body drag well with and without holding a board.
      • Contact me if you have more questions for this course.

  • More information about courses content and certification
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  • First time up
  • Essential skills
  • Practical theory lessons
  • First jumps
  • Advanced lessons
  • Advanced lessons