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Kite course overview

  • Kitesurf kursus i Aalborg (kitesurfing courses in Aalborg)
  • We book a dates that fit your schedule it can be work days / evenings or weekends. 
  • Kite spots used by the school are:
    • Nibe (west wind) and Egense strand (East wind)
    • The school can come to Frederikshavn, Skagen, Trend, Klitmøller by special arrangement, contact me to discuss the details.

Certification & benefits

  • Using certified schools or instructors,
    • Ensure you get a higher level of instruction, that is safe, with course training content that has been tried and tested over many years.
    • This makes sure your instructor is actually trained to teach kiting and not someone teaching you their bad habits that can get you hurt. This also means they are following the local laws for teaching and regulations for water sports in your country.
    • Training equipment is required to be at the National or International standard for instructional used.
    • You will learn faster as the instructors have been trained to teach you correctly, and also have training plans used to help different situations. This means moving from one school to another you can continue from where you left off, no guess work.
    • Renting equipment and kitesurfing at restricted beaches is made easier, similar to a divers certification eg PADI
    • Cheaper insurances for kitesurfing based on your education.
  • Kitesurf Skole certification options
    1. International kite boarding certification
      This is an International recognised certification, mostly used by the Kitesurf Skole.
    2. Dansk Sejlunion Certikation (DSC)
      Kitesurf skol is a Dansk Sejlunion certified kite school.
      You can get a DSC at the end of your course, that is recognised in Denmark.

Film your lesson: + 200 kr

    • Get your first rides caught on video and share your kitesurfing experience with friends and family.
    • Instructors feedback on the video,
      • Watching the video later you can see your mistakes, and you still have the feedback for you, on how you can correct your mistakes.
      • Watching these videos before your next practice session, will speed up your learn time.
      • Filming is done will a GoPro Hero3 camera.
      • The camera is mounted on the chest of your instructor, so you get the instructors POV
    • You must on the day of your course, bring one of the following:
      • Your own micro SD card, I recommend minimum a 16Gb SanDisk Extreme card, U1 class.
      • A USB stick or USB drive, recommended minimum space 6Gb.
      • If you have your own camera, you are welcome to request the instructor use it instead, so long as it fits the GoPro mount.
      • On request a micro SD card or USB stick can be arrange in advanced for you, minimum 3 days notice.

Kite courses are only run when

  • Course are run starting from 4 m/s (this is determined by your weight) and upto a maximum of 15m/s (8 to 30 knots)
  • Ideally I will try to find the wind conditions to best match your weight, to give you the best possible experience.
  • if there is not enough wind, then a new date will be scheduled.


  • All prices include Danish tax, moms: 25% tax
  • Payment must be made before your course starts
  • Payment can be done by
    • Bank transfer (minimum 3 days before the course)
    • mobile pay
    • cash

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