Kite Buggy og Landboarding kurser

Kite buggy courses are a lot of fun for the whole family, individually or as a company team building event. It is a great way to enjoy the wind and west coast of Denmark, especially during winter the colours in the afternoon is amazing.

Within 3 hours you will be steering the buggy with your feet and using the kite as your engine to move around. There is very little change of getting hurt, so even children from 10 years old can learn to kite buggy. 

Kite land boarding is a little different, it feels more like snowboarding and kitesurfing. We wear padding to protect us should we fall down, so it always looks worse than what it really is. In the beginning we do not actually fall down that much as we can jump off the board very easily. This is a great option to speed up your learning curve if wanting to learn to kitesurf.

Ordering courses & pricing
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  • 3 hour course
    • Children from 10 years, with supervision from an adult can take part in a course 
    • If you are a larger group contact me for more details
  • 1 hour instruction
    • Is done using all your own equipment
  • Team building events (3hrs)
    • Contact me for more details and options for your team building event.

  • More information about courses, filming and certification 
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  • Kite buggying has many different styles too from freestyle, freeride to racing.
  • Kite landboarding is a lot of fun and easier to learn than kitesurfing.
  • Down hill landboarding is a great why to learn board skills and a lot of fun on a no wind day
  • Kite landboarding can be a nice option in winter than kitesurfing in negative temperatures
  • family buggy course
  • handle kites
  • stunning buggy course areas